Trauma’s Link To Addictive Behavior & How To Fully Recover An Amazing Life

People who engage in addictive behavior have trauma at the core of their malady.  It’s important to release and heal the trauma that is trappe within the subconscious mind and body.  People who’ve been traumatized experience a disconnect between the conscious and subconscious mind. These people live their lives in a state of semi-unconsciousness.  Victims of trauma react to words and gestures from those around them with conditioned responses that are outside the realm of conscious reality.   Trauma survivors live their lives on auto pilot with their past controlling their present.  These individuals are not truly present in their bodies.  The definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over again and expecting different results”.  If the trauma is not healed and released the survivor sees the world and themselves through a distorted lens.  They see every situation in life in terms of imbalanced extremes such as powerful or powerless and superior versus inferior.  Twelve step programs only seem to arrest addictive behavior.  Many people in twelve step programs tend to switch addictions.  They replace



drug addiction and alcoholism with sex, gambling, food, and shopping addiction.  It’s important to obtain a truly balanced and happy life beyond the twelve steps.  It’s important for people to recover the following: their dignity, self-respect,



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